Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Message from Elder Miyasaki - 2-20-2013

Hello Everyone!
Well let me just start off by saying that the MTC has honestly been the most incredible and amazing thing in the world. I love the Mtc so much. I have felt the spirit stronger during the past week than what I have probably my entire life! I have already had 3 spiritual moving things happen to me that will change my life for the better. The spanish is coming along great. I have already learned more spanish in the past week than what I did in 4 years of high school spanish. I guess thats what happens though when the lord is always with you.
My companion is so so amazing. His name is elder Simms. He is MASSIVE! He is like 6 foot 4 and 325 pounds. But he has been such an incredible companion, he has honestly already become one of my best friends and its only been a week. The other kids in my room are named Elder Tredeau and Elder Overson. They are both from Arizona and both again, have already become like best friends. We have honestly had the most spriritual experiences together. Another blessing I have had along with my companion is that we have been called to be the Zone Leaders. We are in charge of about 4 or 5 districts including our own, and we will get set apart this sunday.

Thank you to everybody that has taken their time to write me and send me some care packages. Your letters and packages make my day so amazing. The Nolls were amazing and sent some cookies. Mrs Paystrup sent me some Krispy Kreme that was aten in about 2.5 seconds by roomates. And Wendy Ollerton sent me an incredible package. My suggestions for care packages... Mtn Dew.. Lots and lots of Mtn Dew haha. Food is also an incredible thing as well!! I really feel like I have gained 10 pounds since I have been here but I am to scared to get on the scale and see for myself haha. Also gym time is an amazing time!! Elder Trudeau, Elder Simma and I pretty much tear up the basketball court. Some people probably think that we play in the NBA or something like that. Also I have seen so many friends since I have been here. I see Elder Sisk about everyday and I have seen so many more missionaires. I finally saw Elder Buhler, It was so amazing to be reconnected with my long lost asian brother.
Thank you all so much for everything, I love and appreciate you all so much, Remember two things for me while I am gone, Remember that the gospel of Jesus christ is true and remember to keep sending me those care packages haha.
Love you all!!!!!

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