Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Message from Elder Miyasaki - 2-27-2013

Buenos Dias everyone!
Another week has gone by here in the MTC. And it has been another great week! I have learned so much more spanish this week, some people might confuse me for a hispanic person if they didnt know me better haha. But more importantly I have grown a ton spiritually, I had the amazing experience of hearing M. Russel Ballard speak at our devotional last night, It was so amazing to feel the spirit as he walked into the room, and even more amazing to hear him talk, the spirit was so incredibly strong last night. Its so amazing to see all the blessing that have come so far during my mission. My testimony has grown so much since I have been here. And I feel like I have matured alot more since being here.
Last night my roomates and I decided to make a 'Mega Bed'. I have no idea why we decided to do it, but I like it an awful lot. I feel like we did it so we dont break the mission rule of "not sleeping in the same bed as your companion" So technically we are not sleeping in the same bed, just the same areaish... Haha. I am also very sad to inform you that my 3 on 3 basketball team lost our first game this week. Our record stands at something like 10-1. But who is counting haha.
Just a quick shout out to Springville girls basketball team on taking state! That is so so so awesome!!! It feels like just yesterday that I was in the stands cheering the girls on in the state tournament. And also just a quick thank you to all the people that wrote me this week. I enjoy recieving letters so so much. And also receiving packages are quite amazing as well. Just remember if you send a packaage to put some mountain dew in there haha. And also please let me know what is going on in the sports world, not having any access to sports is drivin me crazy. not having sports is honestly harder than not having a phone haha.
Now on to a some more spiritual stuff... hah
We taught our investagaters again this week, we almost got Ana (our investegater) baptized but she kindly declined. We had our first visit with Marcella this week and we got her to commit on reading the book of mormon and praying. So my companion and I feel as if we got a baptism!
My companion and I are still doin great! Elder Simms, Elder Overson, Elder Trudeau and I have honestly become the greatest of friends and it makes the 'mega bed' alot more fun haha. Also mom, I would love to send you some pictures but the camera that I got is not working. On a more positive note..
I love you all and I cant wait to here from you. Please keep writing me and sending those packages because they are honestly so so great!! ONE LOVE
Elder Jalon Mattio Miyasaki

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