Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elder Miyasaki's Message - 5-21-2013

Hola mi familia y amigos!
Primero, este semana fue super bueno! No Tuvimos mucho investigadores nuevo, pero Nosotros tuvimos la oportunidad a enseñar el evangelio. Y obvio este es el razón estoy aquí! For those of you that dont know what that said dont be discouraged because it took me forever to learn that phrase haha. But I said `this week was super good, We didnt have many new investagators but we had the oppurtunity to share the gospel and obviously thats why i am here. But really i love it so much, it has been so awesome, currently my companion and i are having some trouble finding news. Many of our citas this week fell, which sucked but hey... All we can do is try our best and hope the lord will help us with the rest. I know that the lord has prepared people for us, we just need to find them now! But we have some awesome progressing investagators, we have a 4 families right now that we are teaching and 2 of the 4 are preparing for baptism. The hardest thing is to get people to keep their commitments. But we know that the lord will help us. My companion and i are feeling like this week is going to be a really big week for us! This week we have a ton of citas (appointments) with our investagators. Also this week we have 'Noche en Gringolandia' the story behind this is we have 3 'gringos' in our house, and so we wanted to have a night of all american activities and food. The people in our branch our super excited about this and so are all of our investagators. SO we expect to have a great turn out!! Here is the deal, i am in charge of making cookies, so if i could get a sugar cookie recipe from anyone that would be awesome. SO please send me a sugar cookie recipe! Thank you all so much! 
So there really isnt much else going on. like i said we are expecting to have a good week this week!! This past week we also had our talent show, the missionaries danced to the song 'What makes you beautiful' by one direction. And it was a hit! Everyone loved it so much. The thing that people cheering the loudest was at the very end of the song all of us started to sing the chorus, and everyone just loved it!! It was such a great night with the ward. Church was also so amazing this week!! The talks this week were on  faith. And it our classes we learned about the resturation of the church and how we can prepare to enter the temple!! 

I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing awesome at home. I am glad to hear that all of  my siblings (Ollertons, and my family) Are all excelling in everything they are doing. I am glad to hear that dallin is doing so awesome! Also, Justin keep growing your hair out, its looking awesome! haha. But in all reality I really love you all so so so much! And I miss you like crazy, I have so many stories to tell you but not enough time to write everything. I hope that you all have such an awesome week and that you may find that blessings that the lord has given you. I love you all so much and I pray for you everyday. 
With much much much much love,
Elder Jalon Mattio Miyasaki

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