Monday, May 6, 2013

Elder Miyasaki's Message - 5-6-2013

Hola familia y amigos!
 Well I think that I am just going to start writing letters home instead of doing the voice recordings! But let me tell you about the week, First off this week has been a good week. We posted 5 fechas which is just awesome, my companion and I are putting up awesome numbers but more importantly we are working hard. I have learned so much on this mission that we have to love the people and not the numbers! I have fallen in love with the people in Victoria! They are so so so awesome! Sometimes it is difficuly to understand the people but hey its a good thing i have an awesome companion right?! Haha. But during this week I found out that it rains alot here in Chile, The streets were just covered with rain and water. At some spots in the street the water was close to 6 or 7 inches. It has been raining so much during the last couple of days but hey, I have loved to learn to work in the rain. Something I could never say before haha. Other than that the work is still progressing. The health has been good for the most part. On tuesday i got really sick and i was throwing up. But thats probably because I ate 2 cumpletos, salchi papas and an empanada that night haha. So hopefully you can understand kinda how well my body looks right about now. Chances are i wouldnt even be able to finish a mile in under 10 minutes haha. But i love the work and I am enjoying it so much. 

So i recieved probably the best news that I have recieved in a while. I learned that my mom is starting to wear her temple garments again, and obviously this is so so awesome and i couldnt help but smile! I am so proud of my mom and my family for the decisions that they are making and that the lord is blessing them so so much! Other things that I have heard, Justin... You need to back off from the girls and start preparing for that mission!! Haha. Trevor and cam keep doing work in all of your sporting activites! I am so glad to hear about all the success that you are having! Matt and Wendy thank you so much for keeping me updated on everything! I  am so grateful that i had the oppurtunity to be apart of your family for a year! And Paul and bethany thank you so much for the letter and advice i really appreciated it a ton!! To my family, i want you to know that i think and pray for you every single day. I am so grateful that i am part of such an amazing family and have been blessed so much throughout my life. I hope that everything with hanas play is going awesome!! I hope that Mikayla, Bailey, Taylor,Brenna and everyone else are doing well!! I think that you probably just need to just hit jax for me because from the sounds of it he sounds like he needs to get smacked haha jk. But Dad and  mom. I think that I have told you this before but the best way to get me my birthday money is through a package. I know that it will take forever but hey thats alright!! And also I need the skype name again!! The plan to skype you is 3:30 YOUR TIME!! and 5:30 my time. I am allowed to check my email through out this week. So please email back fast. Also I just want you to know how much i love you! I miss you all so much and i am so so so excited to talk to you this week!! Remember SUNDAY at 3:30 YOUR TIME.
I love and miss you all like crazy!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear about all the things that are happening this sunday
Con Amor, Elder Miyasaki

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