Monday, July 29, 2013

Elder Miyasaki's Message - 7-29-13

Hey everyone!!
Well I am going to start out this letter by just telling you all that i love you so much. I love how you all support me in whatever thing happens to me. Really because of you support and because of the love of our heavenly father i am out here. I am not going to lie. This is the hardest thing that i have ever done mentally, I have wanted to go home, I have wanted to quit. Satan has tried attacking me with so many things, but i am so very grateful for this wonderful oppurtunity that i have to be here, to show my love for my savior Jesus Christ. I really know that these past almost 6 months have been the hardest 6 months of my life, but they have been the best! It really is such a blessing to know as missionaries that we have this chance to bring our brothers and sisters back unto christ, to change the lives of many people because of this gospel. I really know how true this gospel is, because this gospel has changed my life so much, I know that i am a million times better person now than what i was before i left. Thank you all for you support with everything. All of your emails are so amazing for me to have! They really make me want to improve so much. Thank you for all of the advice that i have recieved! But now I have some bad news...
I recieved a call this past week, In this call i was told that i am going to be a father... YES I AM GOING TO TRAIN THESE NEXT 2 CAMBIOS!!!. I really hope that scared someone haha, I am going to be the father of a brand new missionary! I go to concepcion on tuesday to get my kid! With this assignment I am the youngest person in our mision to be training a new missionary. But thats not all... I have also been called to be a District Leader! WOW, the lord is just blessing me so much. When i recieved this call that i was going to be a trainer and a district leader i was really shocked but really excited. As I was kinda thinking about these 2 assignments that i am going to have, And i just made a commitment to myself that i am going to do whatever the lord needs me to do. I really am just going to try my hardest to be the best leader and trainer that i can be. I am so happy to know that the lord really does trust me with these things to be a district leader and a trainer after only 4 months here in chile. It really made me feel great because i know that the savior would only put his trust in me because i am a worthy missionary of him. I am so glad to help these people out here in chile to become more like our savior and i promise you all that with the help of the lord (alot of help) haha i am going to change the lives of the people here because I know that the gospel has changed me so much! 
I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing awesome. I love you all so much and really thank you so much for all that you have given me. My scripture for you all this week is DyC 6:36
Love you all and miss you like crazy
Elder Miyasaki

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