Monday, August 26, 2013

Elder Miyasaki's Message - 8-26-2013

Hello Friends and Family!
Well I just want to start off this email and tell you all that I love you all so much and that i miss you all like crazy! And thank you all so much for your support and all that you do for me, I really appreciate your love that you show me by sending me emails every week and also packages.
Bueno, this week was just an awesome week! We had a baptism this week and it went awesome. We baptized a girl named Elizabeth and she has 14 years! She is way cool and so funny. With that Miracle we also had another miracle. We also reactivated her family! Those 2 miracles are something very special for us. My kid was really excited to have his first baptism and my kid is just doing awesome, he is picking up the language really fast and he is a very spiritual kid and so i am so very excited for him and for that. During this past week we found out that our sector (Victoria 1 and 2) are leading the whole mission in baptisms this year for our mission. Since I got here in April we have had 14 baptisms and 11 were my investagaders, I promise i am not being prideful, i am just very happy about how much the lord has blessed us in my time here haha. But the work is more than awesome, i love it so much and i cant wait to see even more blessings from the lord that we can recieve. My kid and i are teaching a family right now that is just awesome. Their names are daisy and Javiera. Daisy is divorced and also has an older son that is in college. But Daisy and Javiera are just golden. They are so nice  and so spiritual. Please keep these 2 in your prayers so that they can get baptized! The work is so awesome and I love it so much!
SHOUT OUT TO SPRINGVILLE FOR WINNING THEIR FIRST GAME! That is so awesome, i am so glad to hear that they won. And it sounds like they are going to have a great year! It is also so crazy to hear that school has started again. It sounds like everything is going more than awesome back at home. I promise i will do my part here in Chile!
But i hope you all have such an awesome week and remember that i love you all so much. Espicially you mom! 
Les amo mucho y vaya con dios
Elder Miyasaki

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